Yoga for the enterprise

Stay relevant by being agile

Continuous disruption is de-siloing enterprises and forcing them to rapidly respond, adapt, and evolve. At the heart of this transformation is the triad of Technology, Design, and Strategy. Some call it Digital Transformation or Lean Enterprise. We call it Yoga for the Enterprise.

Managing uncertainty with agility

Emerging technologies are spawning innovation inside companies and knitting new ecosystems outside. In this state of continuous market flux, the enterprise must learn to be agile in order to respond, adapt, and evolve. This is Yoga for the Enterprise.


Organisations continuously create short-lived, dynamic elements in response to new challenges and opportunities. Truly agile organisations are resilient, reliable, and fit to survive unexpected market landscapes.


Working with new partners in new markets means revising structures, governance, and processes. Technology is adding new dimensions to your business. But managing skill-sets and practices is a bigger challenges.


With technology being all-pervasive and digital disruption skewing customer behaviour, how do companies stay relevant? By creating fresh experiences to continuously engage the customer.

“As time passes, the system becomes less and less well-ordered. Sooner or later the fixing cease to gain any ground. Each forward step is matched by a backward one. Although in principle usable forever, the system has worn out as a base for progress. …A brand-new, from-the-ground-up redesign is necessary.”
– Frederick Brooks

Building the agile enterprise with us

Integral to any modern enterprise business model is a technology and design strategy, the source of competitive advantage. That is the story of Pramati too. From developing our own middleware platform to significant participation in the cloud, API, and Bot revolution, our history is intertwined with innovation. Our Product DNA marks our commitment to building platforms that enable enterprises to respond, adapt, and evolve.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”
– Walt Disney

Better people, better software

We believe no process can guarantee better design, more innovative software, or a better product. Gathering the right set of people and giving them the right environment is the only way to bring about innovation. At Pramati, design thinking drives development. It defines our people, culture, and environment. Give us the seed of an idea, and see.

We keep good company

We keep good company

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