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Installing the tool

The Pramati Web Services Tool Kit that creates the Web Service is designed to run on any standard Java application server. Before it can be used, the Pramati Studio must be configured to use the tool kit.

The following sections also describe installation of Axis and Pramati Web Services Tool on the local machine.


The list provides the essential prerequisites before you install the Web Services tool:

Installing and Configuring Web Services Tool

  1. Install Pramati Studio 3.0 from http://website/install/studio30/index.htm in your local directory.
  2. The Web Services tool supports only the Beta 1, Beta 2, and Beta 3 versions of Axis. To install Axis, follow the given steps:
    • Download the zip file, from
    • Extract all the files from this zip file on your local machine

For detailed information on how to install Axis, refer Axis's User Guide.

  1. Download the Pramati Web Services Tool, webservicetoolkit.jar under the Studio installation directory from
  2. Open Studio from the Start menu (on Windows), or by executing file (on Unix), runstudio.bat on Windows.

  3. In the Studio that comes up, select Tools > Configure from the main menu bar. This pops up the Tools Configure dialog.
    • Click on the Import Tool button. This brings up the Choose Tool JAR dialog.
    • Select the webservicetoolkit.jar from under the Studio installation directory.
    • Click OK.
    • This adds Web Service (which contains an embedded Acumen server) in the available tools list. This option is checkedb by default.
    • Close the Configure Tools dialog.

Note: The Studio registers all the features of the tool immediately and does not require restart when a new tool is added.

  1. In the "Axis Installation" dialog that comes up, browse for the location where Axis has been installed, and click OK.

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