Platform Certification for Pramati Server 4.1

This document provides information on system configurations for which Pramati Server is certified to work. Being a pure JavaTM 2 platform implementation, Pramati Server can run on all platforms that support J2SETM. Full support is provided for platforms listed here. For assistance on a platform not listed here, please contact your Pramati relationship person, or write to

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Operating system + J2SE environments

PlatformJ2SE version
Windows NT 4.0, SP5J2SE 1.3.1_01, J2SE 1.3.1_02
Windows 2000J2SE 1.3.1_01, J2SE 1.3.1_02
J2SE 1.4, J2SE 1.4.2
Windows XP ProfessionalJ2SE 1.3.1_01, J2SE 1.3.1_04
RedHat Linux 7.2J2SE 1.3.1_03
RedHat Linux 7.3J2SE 1.3.1_03
RedHat Linux 9.0J2SE 1.3.1_03
RedHat Advanced Server 3.0J2SE 1.4.2_02
Caldera OpenLinux Server 3.1.1J2SE 1.3.1_01
Solaris 7J2SE 1.3.1_01, J2SE 1.3.1_02
HP-UX 11iJ2SE 1.3.1_06
HP-UX 11.11J2SE 1.4.2
IBM OS/400 V5R2*J2SE 1.3
RedHat Advanced Server 2.1J2SE 1.4.2
* tested with DB UDB 8.0 database

Database + JDBC drivers

DatabaseJDBC Driver
Oracle 8iOracle Thin Driver Version
Merant DataDirect Oracle Driver 2.2
Oracle 9iOracle Thin Driver Version 8.1.7
Microsoft SQL Server 7.0Merant DataDirect SQL Server Driver 2.2
JTurbo SQL Server Driver 2.0
i-Net Sprinta 4.15 SQL Server Driver
DB2 Version (the default JDBC driver)
MySQL Max 3.23.48mm.mysql 2.0.4
Informix 7.3.0 TC3Informix JDBC Driver for Informix Dynamic Server 2.10.JC1N361
Merant DataDirect Informix Driver 2.2
Cloudscape 4.0Cloudscape 4.0 JDBC Driver 4.0
Cloudscape 4.0 RMI JDBC Driver 4.0
MySQL 3.28 with InnoDB tablesMySQL 2.0.4 driver
Sybase 12.5jConnect for JDBC 5.5

Note for Sybase database users

  1. Support for varbinary and other large object data type is not provided in database specific way in this release.
  2. In CMP1.1 beans "Select For Update" query is generated for Repeatable Read concurrency option. This query syntax may not be supported in some databases like Sybase. It is advised that this option not be used. Alternative option is to use "Optimistic Repeatable Read" with system property com.pramati.ejb.lockRowInDBForReadMostly set as false. The read committed behaviour can always be used depending upon the level of concurrency required.
  3. If the driver is com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDataSource, then the resource addition is possible only from the Resource Shell.

Note for DB2 users

The following files are required in the system classpath to use DB2 7.0:

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