Integral to our business model is our technology strategy, which is a fundamental source of our competitive advantage.

Through our experience building market-ready B2B and B2C applications across industries, we’ve developed expertise in critical application areas, including user interface design, mobile enablement, rapid testing and deployment, CRM and other integrations, and ecommerce enablement.

Our IP, acquired and developed over years, allows us to build platforms rapidly by reusing proven methodologies and common technologies.

We focus on a core set of areas where we’ve built lasting competences. These are social, mobile, cloud, and big data technologies. While our heritage is enterprise software, forays into social and mobile have taken us into consumer-facing applications. This has given us a unique mix to address newer markets, which often demand both capabilities.


Recognizing the growing importance of mobile devices in recent years, we have been working on specialty mobile platforms, designing for the small screen, harnessing location and device-specific capabilities, and developing mobile apps that complement web apps.

Big Data

The gap between Business and IT can be effectively narrowed down by the value Big Data brings. Our focus has been on areas such as analytics that improve business performance, extraction and enrichment of data, content analysis, securing information, and business intelligence.


Since Pramati’s inception, our core strength has been in software infrastructure for the Internet economy. This strength stems largely from our experience building app server technologies. Moving to the cloud was a natural extension and we were among the first to join the cloud computing bandwagon. Highly scalable, secure web architectures, and high-availability operations are core areas of specialization for our teams.