1998 | Innovation

Pioneering technology company with a goal to make innovative products from India for the global marketplace.

Built a strong product DNA, a habit of innovating at work, a strong sense of ownership, and deep empathy toward customers.


2008 | Incubation

Grew an entrepreneurial model that builds on culture of innovation, and amplifies customer value.

A hybrid product + service model that mashes up business functions to increase the chances of success for ideas and ventures, and reputation for innovating.


TODAY | Digital

Faster reaction to business demands with quick onboarding of new services and easy changing of older ones.

Eliminate the complexity in technology adoption for enterprises. Simplify operations, enable greater automation, and maximize customer value.

  • Founded by Jay Pullur and Vijay Pullur

  • First APP Server To Receive Java Standards Certification

  • Pramati App server wins ECPerf performance race

  • Jay Pullur recognized
    as HMA entrepreneur
    of the Year

  • Progress Software acquires Pramati Studio

  • Imaginea Launched

  • Pramati features in Deloitte Fast 500 list

  • SocialTwist Launched

  • Qontext Launched

  • Qontext named as Gartner Cool Vendor

  • SocialTwist posts 500% revenue increase from previous year.

  • Qontext acquired
    by Autodesk

  • Pramati acquires

  • WaveMaker Enterprise released to customers

  • Launch of KnownCircle

  • Launch of Spotcues

  • Launch of Groupe.io

  • Launch of Hyscale

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    2017: An Open Challenge
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    2018: A focus on data
  • logo
    2019: Interact with Senses
Our journey so far



Jay Pullur

CEO and Founder


Vijay Pullur

Co-Founder and President


K V Prasad

COO - Imaginea


Suresh Babu

CRO - Imaginea


Chandrashekar Sivaraman

Sr. VP Marketing - Pramati


Giri Kuthethoor

Sr. VP Engineering - Imaginea


Vivek Lakshman

Co-Founder & VP Products
Reve Marketing


Praveen Kanyadi

Co-Founder & VP Products - SpotCues


Deepak Anupalli

VP Engineering - WaveMaker


T V Prasad

Sr. VP Human Resource


Harish Thirumalai

Sr. VP Finance


At Pramati, our processes serve as the floor, not ceiling, of how you can best do things. You are not limited.

We are a multi-cultural environment that uniquely combines creativity, attitude, and strength across borders. We believe in diversity and global outlook. We bring talented people together to inspire one another and collaborate freely. Our people take pride in the software they build, the customers they serve, and the team they are a part of. Freedom, risk taking, and sense of collective achievement fuel the culture of innovation you’ll find at Pramati.

Ethics, integrity, and fair play have created an environment of ownership. Our work culture shows remarkable passion for excellence and exemplary cases of discretionary effort.

Pramati believes corporate social responsibility is an integral part of being a successful business. As responsible corporate citizens, we are committed to doing our part in solving certain important challenges faced by society. By applying our technology, innovation, and financial resources, we hope to contribute to positive change.

People are our priority and we owe much of our success to having maintained this philosophy. Since our early days as a company, employee and customer satisfaction have been at the heart of our achievements. We bring the interests of employees and customers into all our business decisions.

We believe that by focusing on one particular area of concern-education-we can contribute to improving lives and making a positive difference in our community.

Our initiative engages with experts and citizens in the local and global community by supporting efforts that strengthen education and improve the social fabric, confidence, and efficiency.

The initiative is two-pronged. The Foundation Program focuses on strengthening young minds that have a passion in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) – understanding how to solve complex business problems as well as global concerns about shrinking natural resources and environment. The Advanced Program is more specific. It identifies and supports potential high achievers in various fields of arts, science, and sports-targeting people who may not otherwise have access to infrastructure, technology, teachers, and professionals.

Our goals, commitment, and performance ensure that our business ventures operate both responsibly and sustainably while contributing to the communities where we work.

Pramati adopts school in Adoni, funds building infrastructure upgrade

Pursuit is the name we’ve given to a group of activities we engage in to inspire and support the development of new and exceptional ideas.

In striving for excellence and innovation, we interact with academic and research institutions around the world through facilitation of research, fellowships and internships, and participation in academic activities in areas related to our work.

Pursuit Fellowships and Internships support individuals pursuing higher studies or advanced research through travel grants, stipends, or awards. Recipients are free to pursue projects or academic programs of their choice without any commitments to the company.

The Pursuit Labs Program works to establish a strong bridge between industry and academia by extending our expertise, experience, and facilities to enhance academic or research programs.

Two students get travel grants to pursue internship at CMU Human-Computer Interaction Institute.