Everything big had smaller beginnings

Today’s markets are volatile and dynamic. This means most ideas don’t get a chance. At Pramati Innovation Hub, we incubate fledgling ideas so that they have a chance to thrive and grow.

Pramati Technologies and IIIT-Hyderabad have come together to launch a co-innovation space at IIIT’s campus in Hyderabad. Pramati will be the tech partner that startup’s and enterprises need to rapidly bring their game changing ideas to market. There are two streams of entry

FastApps Startup Accelerator

  • The FastApps Startup Accelerator program will host entrepreneurs with mostly, but not limited to, enterprise-driven ideas
  • FastApps (Powered by WaveMaker), will be the tech partner for rapid prototyping
  • Teams spend 3 months in the Pramati Innovation Hub to implement their ideas and eventually pitch to a panel of investors

Corporate Innovation Challenge

  • This is a two day workout on challenging status quo processes for enterprise agility, using speed-tech
  • Pooling process innovation ideas from participants and rapidly prototyping them using FastApps (Powered by WaveMaker)
  • Post prototyping, a full scale on-demand implementation and push via our enterprise mobility suite SpotCues

FastApps is a service powered by WaveMaker, an award-winning rapid application development and delivery platform that helps create enterprise-grade web and mobile applications, at twice the speed, half the resources, and cost. FastApps aims to partner with companies, institutions and accelerators to reduce the go to market time of their game changing ideas.

FastApps Startup accelerator

The FastApps Startup Accelerator is a 3-month structured program aimed at nurturing and empowering early entrepreneurs to convert their viable business ideas into tech-solutions. FastApps (Powered by WaveMaker), will be their tech partner for not just rapid prototyping but also to build the full solution.

Corporate Innovation Challenge

The Corporate Innovation Challenge is a technology sprint service for established companies looking to challenge status quo, break silos and rapidly develop applications that makes their business processes agile.

Pooling process innovation ideas from employees and rapidly prototyping them using FastApps (Powered by WaveMaker)

Post prototyping, a full scale development into launch-ready apps

These Apps populate an internal marketplace or mobility suite like SpotCues

Pramati Technologies has been officially Great Place to Work® Certified