With over two decades of technology and business experience, Pramati founders have had the unique opportunity of being part of the Indian IT right from its inception.

Pramati was founded in 1998 by Jay and Vijay Pullur in Hyderabad, India. Founded as a web technology company, Pramati cut its teeth in enterprise-class web infrastructure technology. The Pramati Application Server was its flagship product that hit the market along with offerings from BEA Systems, IBM and Oracle. Initially adopted by the rapidly growing financial services industry in India, by 2001 the Pramati app server was installed by each of India’s top 10 banks.

Building on this early success, Pramati started to invest in a number of critical enterprise technologies, going on to become one of India's leading software product companies. The company has carved out a rare and unique path in India's impressive technological landscape - as a technology and product innovator.

Pramati invests in cutting-edge technologies and people to create independent companies. The company employs consulting and delivery teams across three global locations.